Leisure Lawns Collection is a line of outdoor furniture in wood and poly.
All our furniture is handcrafted with natural wood or maintenance free poly.

Where Memories are Made

Grab your favorite drink, a good book and a blanket and come outside. Kick back and relax for a little. Take a deep breath and enjoy life outside. Listen to wind whispering in the trees. Or the ocean singing its rhythmic lullaby. Times of relaxation and leisure are refreshing and give you new vigor and energy for the tasks ahead. Taking time to relax often brings life into perspective.

Times of relaxation and refreshment shouldn’t be limited to vacations at the beach or the mountains. They should be part of everyday life. Here at Leisure Lawns we specialize in bringing that leisure and relaxation to your own backyard. With a large selection of poly and wood furniture we make relaxing at home so much more enjoyable.

If you want a maintenance-free approach to your outdoor furniture, you will find it in our poly outdoor furniture. Unlike most outdoor furniture, our poly furniture will not rot, rust or fall apart from wear. Our maintenance-free furniture is beautiful, colorful and very durable. It makes outdoor living refreshing.

See our special statement about our Stainless Steel Hardware.