About Colonial Road Woodworks

In 1987, in the farm country of Lancaster County, PA, a farmer was looking for a way to supplement his income. In his spare time, he and his nephew built lawn furniture. They built chairs, benches and gliders to sell; and they called called their growing business Colonial Road Woodworks.

Even though their construction methods weren’t elaborate, their products were well built. And as the demand grew, they needed more help. Their dealer network continued to grow and the demand for “Leisure Lawns Collection” furniture grew with it. With the refinement of styles and construction techniques, they added new furniture styles and categories.

The use of poly lumber brought more changes to Colonial Road in 2002, making their furniture more durable and colorful. They started out slowly in poly, only offering their famous Fanback Adironack chair in a few colors. Over the next several years, the markets shifted predominately to poly furniture. In 2005, they moved to a new facility on Voganville Road after outgrowing the old one on Colonial Road.

Today, Colonial Road serves a dealer network throughout the USA & Canada. Everything is still handcrafted and styles are always being improved. More and more products are being offered in poly and new products are being introduced nearly every year! We are thankful to our team of craftsman and designers for making our success possible. Thank you for your interest in Colonial Road Woodworks.