Leisure Lawn Picnic Table

Our new line of picnic tables provides the excellent durability of poly to a backyard picnic venue. Especially geared toward families, our picnic tables are resistant to rot and warping, providing good flat surfaces on table and bench for years to come.


Our Mission Deep Seating

Check out this modern innovation in poly furniture from our Leisure Lawns Collection. Mission Deep Seating is our fine poly lounge furniture taken up to the next level! Sink into cushioned comfort that’s perfect for your outdoor leisure. From single seating, to expandable modular options you’re sure to find something just perfect for your backyard.

Look for the distinctive diamond cutout to identify this series. Also available are coffee tables, end tables and more. Click here to see all our Mission Deep furniture.


Why Choose Leisure Lawns Furniture?

  • Poly Construction
    Concerned about the environment? Our quality poly lumber makes good use of materials that otherwise might end up in a landfill.
  • Maintenance-Free
    Unlike wood furniture, ours is guaranteed not to rot, never needs painting, and can take the worst old man winter can give.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
    All of our fasteners are quality stainless steel. These have proven to be resistant to corrosion.

See our special statement about our Stainless Steel Hardware.

  • 22 Poly Colors
    Trying to match a certain color? Our nineteen vivid colors along with three rustic colors give you a wide selection.
  • Thicker Leg Construction
    The legs of our poly furniture are 1½” thick by 3½” wide giving our furniture additional strength and stability.
  • Quality Assurance
    All of our furniture is made using only the highest quality products allowing us to guarantee our products knowing they will serve you well for years, and even decades.