Poly Craftsmanship
Poly Craftsmanship

High Quality Craftmanship

Quality craftsmanship is not readily available in today’s world of outdoor furniture. All of our furniture at Leisure Lawns is handmade, hand cut and screwed together with only high-quality products. This ensures a product that will last you for years to come. When designing our furniture we focus on comfort, quality, craftsmanship, and design, which means our customer satisfaction ranks among the top in the industry.


Included in our quality craftsmanship are stainless steel fasteners on all of our poly furniture. Since they are proven to be more resistant to corrosion this provides long life. Even furniture that is exposed to the elements will hold up well. However, in extreme conditions, such as coastal areas where extreme humidity is present, stainless steel hardware may require more cleaning and maintenance to avoid rusting. You should regularly wash or rinse your furniture with fresh water to avoid rusting.

Our stainless steel fasteners are warranted to not fail structurally for the applicable warranty period (20 years residential use; 5 years commercial use). Hardware such as gliders, swivels and brackets are only warranted for two (2) years. If not maintained, stainless steel may corrode in certain extreme conditions (coastal areas).

Stainless Steel Hardware
Made in the USA