Fanback Swings & Gliders

Drawing from our ever popular Fanback Chair, the Fanback Swing and Glider feature a gently curved back and less sloped seat than the Adirondack. This makes them easier to get in and out of, making it the ideal lounge furniture for your porch, patio or deck. Kick back and enjoy the outdoors!

#341 Fanback Swing

#341 Fanback Swing

#114 Fanback Glider

#114 Fanback Glider

#340 Fanback Glider

#340 Fanback Glider

#119 Fanback Swivel Glider

#119 Fanback Swivel Glider

Curve Back Swings & Gliders

Our Curve Back swings & gliders are just waiting for that summer afternoon of relaxation! This series is designed for comfort, and features a gently curved back and perfectly contoured seat.


Curve Back Glider


Curve Back Swing

#110 Curve Back Single Glider


#116 Curve Back Swivel Glider

West Chester Swings & Gliders

Similar to the Curve Back series, the West Chester features a lower back for a more economy style. The West Chester is ideal for everyday moments of outdoor living.

Easy Chair Swings & Gliders

With its curved seat and contoured back, the Easy Chair is a relaxing experience. Not only does this chair come in extra wide, it is also a great chair for a taller person.


West Chester Glider


West Chester Swing


Easy Glider


Easy Swing


#111 Easy Glider

#970 Coffee Table

#970 Coffee Table

#194 Poly Gliding Footstool

#194 Gliding Footstool

#802 Poly Footstool

#802 Footstool